Find out how to download the new Hotspot Shield for Mac! 2020 Trend

It is increasingly necessary to have a good VPN, which ensures safe and efficient navigation.

According to this, most of the VPNs are currently in platforms such as Play Store and App Store, taking into account that most people use their mobile phone more than a PC.

This leads to a lot of downloads of various mobile VPNs, but very few computer VPN programs are currently running.

That’s precisely why we’ve come up with this amazing and up-to-date recommendation for you. Hotspot Shield is a program which can be downloaded on Mac and Windows in a very simple way. Keep reading and find out all the steps!

Hotspot Shield for Mac 

Primarily, Hotspot Shield is available for the various Mac updates 10.12; 10.13; 10.14; and 10.15.

This is a VPN program that will allow you to surf quickly, and access different websites that have been blocked or restricted in your country.

With this modern VPN, you can change your location and protect your privacy. It should be noted that this program can be downloaded very easily on Mac devices, Smartphone, among others.

 Advantages of Hotspot Shield

Initially, it is noted that this program has a military-level encryption, which allows you to protect your identity. Many VPN programs expose your personal data to the Internet, making them unreliable and fraudulent.

Hotspot Shield will protect your personal information, at the same time, it is highlighted that it is a type of program in which to subscribe you are not asked for much intimate information, so you can be safe with this platform.

Additionally, another advantage of this modern VPN is that it supports many downloads, in exchange for a few MB. The program even gives you an initial 500 MB to use as you wish.

At the same time, the connection to Wifi is immediate, so it becomes the perfect option to visit social networks, download movies, or watch Netflix.

It also supports the download of P2P files, making it a very versatile VPN. Not only will it protect your identity and change your location, but it will also improve your browsing speed.

Download Hotspot Shield for Mac devices  

Initially, the first thing you have to do to download Hotspot Shield for Mac, is to access their website “”. Then, once you are on the platform, you will have to select a payment plan. The platform will ask you to fill in some fields, and in the same way, you will be asked for an email, and then, a payment method to confirm your purchase.

It is important to note that Hotspot Shield has several payment rates, so you can select a monthly or yearly method, among other options. Select the option that suits you best and click on the “Buy” button.

Later, to the mail that you wrote in the page, they will send an e-mail of confirmation. In this e-mail they will indicate you some simple steps to activate your account once you have made the payment.

Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to download Hotspot Shield for Mac. The download will be very quick and easy. Just go to Hotspot Shield and click on the control panel. Click on “My devices” and then the program will be downloaded directly.

🔥Download right now Hotspot Shield for your Mac device 🔥

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